What is a Seniors Vs Crime Project Office

Project Office. To assure the personal safety of Senior Sleuths, the Project has a strict policy that requires Sleuths working on civil cases to physically work in the local Project Office. Local Project Office staff make all contacts from the Project office through in-person visits, phone or email. As you might expect, the Project's Senior Sleuths do not do "field" investigations. On rare occasions when it is extremely crucial for the presence of Office Staff outside the office, the Office Manager is required to obtain the approval of a Seniors Vs Crime Project Regional Director or the Executive Director. During the evaluation, the Office Manager and the Regional Director will decide whether the out-of-office-work is conditional requiring the presence of a law enforcement officer. A good example is a senior whose tensely fought case resulted in an agreement for specific car repairs. Due to the tense negotiations, the Senior was uncomfortable visiting the car repair center alone and asked for the Senior Sleuth who worked on her case to accompany her...... more - further definition of civil cases and the contrast between civil/criminal cases can be found in Civil vs Criminal

Seniors Vs Crime Offices and Personal Security.  Most of our 2,000+ volunteers work in one of the 44 Seniors Vs Crimes Project local Offices. Many of the Project Offices are within the security confines of a law enforcement`agency, or very close to, either the local police or county sheriff. Many Senior Centers have asked that we establish offices in their facility, so in the last few years about six offices have been located in Senior Centers. The Project Offices that are in the traditional "commercial storefront" are in safe environments that are frequented by shoppers. These environments provide volunteers and seniors seeking help with the utmost of security. 

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