The Seniors Vs Crime Project's Organization

Who do Senior Sleuths report to?
  The person that a volunteer reports to will vary depending on the role that Senior Sleuths have accepted from time to time. If they accept an assignment to assist in the operations of one of the Project's Offices, they work with the Project's local Office Manager. The women and men who volunteer as Office Managers are carefully selected based on their experience and mentoring skills. They guide, mentor, and advise new volunteers until they become more experienced. In other instances a Senior Sleuth volunteer may be working under the direction of the local County Coordinator. Coordinators are usually law enforcement officers or are assigned to a law enforcement agency. In some instances, a Coordinator may be a senior volunteer who has a through understanding of the Project and has demonstrated necessary leadership skills. 

Who are the Seniors Vs Crime Project Office Managers?
Project Office Managers are empowered by the Project's leadership team and given full authority to manage their office with minimal oversight. Project Office Managers and Project Office Deputy Managers are volunteers from the Senior Sleuth ranks. Senior Sleuths who have leadership experience or desire to take on more responsibility may ask to be considered for one of these roles when they become available. The local Project Office Manager usually selects their Deputy Manager from experienced Senior Sleuths working in the office. 

Project Office Managers report to the Regional Director and are selected by the Regional Director from candidates in the local Project Office. The SVC Regions are geographically large, so when distributing Regional workloads, a Regional Director can request that selected Project Office Managers report to the Deputy Regional Director. For Special Projects, for example serving as a County Coordinator, a Senior Sleuth may be asked to report to the Executive Director, a Regional Director, a Deputy Regional Director, or a Law Enforcement Officer.

What is the Seniors Vs Crime Project Organization? The Seniors Vs Crime Project has an Executive Director and Five Directors. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors who are guided by the Project's directives from the Florida Attorney General. The Directors report to the Executive Director. There is a Director in each of the five Regions. Each Director in the Regions has a Deputy Director, and the Executive Director has an Executive Assistant. These are the only salaried employees in the Seniors Vs Crime Project. Their priority is to support the organization's volunteer Office Managers and maintain a vigil to make sure the Attorney General's objectives are met.  Many of the Seniors Vs Crime Project's Directors have extensive law enforcement experience. They rarely intervene in local Project Office operations but serve as a sounding board for the Project Office Managers as the managers work through office and difficult case issues.

PLEASE JOIN US - VOLUNTEER ! For more information, call 1-800-203-3099.  Or, go to Volunteer and fill in your information online.  After you submit your online application, you will be contacted of your acceptance as a Senior Sleuth by a staff member and may be told what you can do as the eyes and ears for the Attorney General.